In gnome bugzilla , the count of bugs which were reported by me, has crossed a significant number. It has crossed 500 mark. A good point to mention here is 47.5% bugs got developers’ attention and were closed as RESOLVED FIXED. Hopefully the number will continue to grow in other gnome applications besides evolution and help me in becoming a Desktop QA.


images Yesterday i completed 3 years in Novell. Now i have become ‘First citizen’ of Novell as we get memento written same over on it on the completion of 3 years. It has been a wonderful journey with many ups and downs. I have been enjoying my work on well known open source e-mail client evolution. Besides testing the product, i am a proud bug master of gnome bugzilla.

Thanks to all of you who have ever helped me in reaching at this level.

Congress's hoarding

Congress's advertisement hoarding

I spotted this hoarding on one of the beaches of Podicherry, a city of southeast India on the Bay of Bengal. It’s a nice way of getting people’s attraction when they come on beach in the evening.

GNOME 2.28 is out. Read the full release notes here


This GNOME version contains Evolution’s stable version 2.28. Here goes the list of major changes in this release

1. Google calendar backend through Caldav interface
2. Configurable date formats
3. Attachment bar rewrite
4. Better Calendar cache
5. Selecting local ICal files as calendar sources

Here find Evolution 2.28 user guide

Go, install, try out and report bugs.

Finally the day has come for which I have been waiting anxiously. Yep, I will be flying to Las Palmas (SPAIN) for attending the Desktop summit. This conference is unique of its type as Las Palmas will be hosting not only GNOME conference (GUADEC) but also KDE (aKademy) at the same venue. Two great community people will be having talks, sessions with respect to current work and future development road map.

First of all I would like to convey my sincere thanks to GNOME Foundation and Travel committee for approving the sponsorship which made my maiden GUADEC trip possible. This sponsorship will cover most of my travel cost as well as full accommodation during stay.

These conference provides platform for meeting awesome community of Hackers, QAs (Quality Assurance), Translators, Bug triagers etc with whom we would have interacted on irc.

Time has come to convert those irc nicks into real faces 😀


Today my GNOME bugzilla points touched a special mark. I would love to say Silver Jubilee of my bugzilla efforts 🙂

I have eagerly waited for the moment when points would jump from 24 to 25. This milestone sent me back in time to the day I received my bug editing rights. Feels good.
On cloud 9.

So far my statistics,

Bugs reported : 350
Bugs closed : 4271

At work, I have a lot of machines at my disposal.  Yeah yeah, What I do with them all 😉  I install various servers for the team. Most of the times I play with the installations, but some times the machines start playing with you. That’s when they look like one of those innocent devils.

I had an Exchange 2007 SP1 server installed, with Outlook 2007 on the same box. For 2 long months its been running like a sweet innocent kid. Today no idea what had gotten into it, when I tried to open Exchange Management Console, it yelled at me with the following error message.

Active Directory server is not available.
Error message: A local error occurred.
It was running command ‘get-ExchangeAdministrator’.

The following error(s) were reported while loading topology information:

Error: Active Directory server is not available.
Error message: A local error occurred.

Error: Active Directory server is not available.
Error message: A local error occurred.

What First?
Check the active directory service ( Program > Administrative tools > Services)
But it was running hale and hearty.

What next then?
Log on the Exchange server by using another admin account.

Open Control Panel, select System.
Select Advanced tab and click the Settings button of User Profile.
Delete the Profile of user which encounters this issue.
Click OK.

Restart the server and log onto it using the Administrator account.

For logging into domain controller other than Administrator, you need to provide administrator rights to user.
Go to Program > Administrative tools > Active Directory Users and Computers
Now in domain tree , go to Builtin > Administrators > Properties > Members tab and add your user here.

Following these steps, I got my server back from the dead 🙂

Hey there.

Yup, at last I have my blog.
I had been thinking for a long time about start blogging. As I am an Open Source contributor, people around me blogs often and it is a nice way of sharing the information.

I would like to thank Johnny and Bharath for keep motivating me to start blogging 🙂

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!