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The bugzilla statistics for year 2011 is out and once again thanks to bug master Andre for compiling the report. I have got top spot in bug closers’ list as per the report. While going through statistics, i realized that i have achieved this third time in row, wow !

I had started contributing in bug triaging back in year 2007. Then passion for bug triaging started growing year by year and i moved my focus beyond my project and started triaging bugs of other components as well.

A special thanks to my mentor Andre for his guidence and would like to congratulate other bug-squad members for their hard work.


Announcement was made on GNOME.Asia website.
Please spread the word !

Pockey has been already bloging well enough about upcoming Hackfest and GNOME.Asia summit preparation, important dates and our sponsors.

Registration closing date is approaching fast so this is a friendly reminder to people who are interested in joining maiden GNOME.Asia conference in India, please go ahead and register yourself.

We are planning to have student training session on various GNOME topics just one day before the actual conference. This training will have sessions which should help students to get started with GNOME and will guide them on how to start contributing to GNOME. We request students to register online before the registration deadline ends which will help the organizers to have better picture of actual number of students joining the event and will help in making arrangements accordingly.

Hope to see you there !

Evolution, like any other gnome module, has gone through many code and
design changes as part of GNOME 3 clean up as well as to improve the functionality in last one year.
So it’s a good time to dig out old bugs, do bugzilla clean up, pick up and target right set of bugs for next stable release which hopefully will be Evolution 3.0.

Goals of Bug day

(a) Bug triaging
(b) Identify list of important bugs for next stable release
(c) Clean up of old and untriaged bugs

We will be mainly targeting bugs filed against Evolution 2.28.x and 2.30.x and will triage all the bugs against Evolution 2.32.0 stable release which is released on Sept 29, 2010 as per GNOME 2.32 schedule.

What does it mean for users ?
Bugs (Evolution 2.28.x and 2.30.x) which are most likely fixed in
Evolution 2.32.0 will be closed as Fixed or may be needinfo-ed to
reporter to get his response against current stable Evolution 2.32.0

People who are new to bug triaging, please read below URLs and it’s a
good chance to start contributing to bug triaging.

(b) Andre’s Blog :

We will be concentrating on tagging bugs with suitable white board status [1]
besides moving them to right component and setting meaningful bug summary.

Please join us in #evolution channel on on bug day
30th SeptOct 1, 2010 and help us cleaning Evolution bugs.


Here are a few pictures of guadec from my camera 🙂

GNOME : The people

Conference Venue

GUADEC Registration Desk

Discussion, Planning and Fun

Keynote speaker Luis Villa (left) with Vincent



Goodies (Speaker & Volunteer)

I will be traveling to The Hague, Netherlands for attending the GUADEC, the event is happening on 11th consecutive year. This year it will be held at The Hague University from Monday 26th July, until Friday 30th July.

I am really excited about my maiden talk in GUADEC which is scheduled on Wednesday 28th and the topic is Bugzilla, Bug squad and GNOME 3. If you are there in conference and have interest in bug triaging, please come for the talk.

Thanks a lot to GNOME Foundation and Travel committee for the travel subsidy.

Hope to meet a lot of GNOME lovers !